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The Complete Guide to Leveraging AI to Improve Search Engine Optimization and Business Growth

If you manage an agency or are a reseller, you may accelerate business growth by providing an online brand and reputation analytics platform that reimagines client connections using AI-powered deep listening.

It's simple for agencies to feel overrun by the enormous assortment of alternatives and partners in today's constantly changing tech ecosystem.

The choice becomes even more difficult if you work with multi-location customers that want modern marketing platforms, services, and solutions.

This article offers six crucial factors to take into account when looking for the reputation management partner and platform that best meets your needs and those of your clients.

1. Put a high value on end-user feedback to increase retainers and clientele

As a marketing firm, your client's success depends on how well their online presence connects with prospective clients.

How do buyers discover them?

What processes do prospective buyers take before they enter the inbound marketing funnels of your client?

Does your client's website's design enhance or detract from the user experience?

Learning about each consumer's experience can help inspire a more accurate and insightful customer strategy, resulting in improved client happiness and retention, in addition to offering a successful marketing strategy and reporting campaign data.

With the aid of brand intelligence, you may offer profound insights into:

user sentiment and perceptions.

Discoverabil ity.


SEO results.

Competitive statistics based on location.

other significant commercial opportunities.

Offer Brand Intelligence As Your New Agency Service, experts advise.

To help raise the value of your services, include Brand Intelligence (BI) in your agency's menu of services.

Your clients will benefit from your agency's addition of BI because:

Extract important business information.

Recognize the opposition.

increase the strategic impact of them.

Reduce blind areas.

run their company with assurance.

The Complete Manual For Using AI To Increase Client SEO and Growth

A Chatmeter image from August 2023

It is practically impossible to collect and analyze data manually, particularly if you work with clients who have several locations and are seeking for trends and insights that might provide genuine value.

Technology is useful.

Look for a platform that makes use of AI and can enable the following for your customers:

To enable thorough analytics and reporting, combine data from several sources into a single dashboard.

Utilize organized and unstructured data sources to access true brand information.

The most effective platforms will make use of deep listening tools to make sure you can hear every online mention of your client's brand.

By participating in this online discussion, you can provide your client a competitive edge by sharing insights that can be put to use.

To maximize the return on your investment, ensure that the platform you select has a customer success team.

2. Future Strategies Can Be Informed By Sentiment Analysis

You recently completed a series of campaigns that assisted your client in achieving their KPIs and objectives.

What will you do next to help your clients achieve their goals for success?

How can you help them grow brand love and loyalty by continuing to support them in going above and beyond?

Pro Tip: Discover consumer pain points to anticipate future opportunities.

Consumers aren't afraid to voice their opinions online and they have a lot to say.

With a platform that uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to highlight customer experience issues and disclose location-based patterns in real-time, you can listen to and use this "chatter that matters".

The Complete Manual For Using AI To Increase Client SEO and Growth

A Chatmeter image from August 2023

This will swiftly assist your clients in identifying problems before they become major ones and expose chances for product promotions, new product debuts, brand reputation campaigns, and other things.

Clients can obtain a tactical advantage by being aware of how their brand performs in comparison to regional rivals, which you can then assist them in utilizing.

3. Improve Brand Loyalty Through Prompt Responses

Customers want their remarks on websites to be noticed.

Brands and their agencies must be prepared to act fast in response to comments, whether they are complimentary or draw attention to a problem that needs to be fixed.

The client experience is king in the field of online reputation management.

Customers' requirements and expectations must be addressed by brands from the very first moment of contact through the delivery of the product or service.

When you listen to what customers have to say, you can learn a lot about how well your client's brand is doing.

However, manually engaging and reacting to clients on a large scale can be exhausting, and problems may go unnoticed.

Utilize Platforms With Generative AI, it is advised.

Through templates, recommended responses, and AI-generated content, the best platforms make replying to reviews simple.

Essential Factors

What alternatives does the platform have for responding to reviews, and how can they make sure that the content is genuine and upholds the voice and identity of the brand?

How does the platform manage evaluations in different languages and assist you in responding for multinational corporations?

What safeguards are put in place to guarantee that AI is integrated properly into the platform, and how is AI integrated into the platform?

For organizations providing services to businesses with several locations, generative AI is a good investment due to its advantages:

With the help of AI, it is simple to identify emerging problems and offer an automated approach to remedy them right away.

A brand's reputation can be enhanced by AI through more individualized client interactions.

Platforms for brand intelligence enabled by AI may improve the experience of online customers.

The difference between a brand that merely survives and a company that thrives is the ability to interact with clients and actually comprehend their feedback.

4. Combine survey data with unstructured data to complete the picture

Any kind of customer feedback is valuable.

Unstructured data can be mined to offer current insights that would be missed otherwise.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can provide hyper-local customer data and insights that structured data formats are unable to provide.

Surveys are a type of structured data that closes the feedback loop on customers.

For feedback that provides precise insights into what matters most to customers about your client's products, services, and brand, well-designed and timed surveys are great.

The top survey instruments will:

Offer a wide variety of question kinds with simple drag-and-drop capability.

Allow users to create branching question paths and set "if/then" rules to control question flows using survey logic.

Give users the option to upload logos for quick brand recognition or a snapshot of a specific site.

Connect to BI applications like Tableau, Domo, Spotfire, and Qlik.

Analyze consumer mood by offering

Ensure that the AI you implement is ethical and has some form of risk management.

Help your client stay ahead of their rivals by providing them with structured data solutions, AI features, and customer sentiment analyses.

Examine Chatmeter's survey solutions to learn how to obtain client feedback as quickly and easily as feasible.

5. Establish Credibility With Reliable Listings & Local Pages

Increase the visibility of your customer in local search. After all, if their clients are unaware of their existence, they cannot develop devoted clients.

The customer journey must get off to the appropriate start. The first step is to have accurate listings and local pages.

Use a tool to regularly update local business listings at scale.

All of a brand's listing information should be kept updated and accurate by your online reputation management software.

End users are more likely to perceive a company as legitimate when they locate trustworthy, current information and thoughtful local pages.

Essential Points

How simple is it to make local pages and listings?

How does the platform address SEO, visibility of unbranded keywords, customisable call-to-actions, voice search functionality, mobile-friendly results, and highlighted pictures and videos?

Which internet directories can your customers integrate, and how many?

Reach out to and interact with prospective clients on more than 140 web directories.

Whether your customer has 10 or 10,000 listings, use a listings solution like the one from Chatmeter to serve as the single source of truth for all of their listings.

Distribute accurate information to directories and review sites to increase local search visibility and clinch that elusive "top spot."

6. Develop A Successful Customer Community On Your Clients' Social Media Platforms

At its best, it ought to make your clients aware of how their social actions affect local SEO, brand awareness, and reputation management.

An integrated dashboard can make monitoring, reviewing, posting, and distributing material across a variety of social channels simpler and more effective.

Use an Integrated Solution, it's advised.

All of a brand's listing information should be kept updated and accurate by your online reputation management software.

When a business's end users can discover trustworthy, current information, they are more inclined to think the company is legitimate.

Essential Points

Any reputation management approach should include an integrated social solution as a vital element.

Make sure your answer satisfies the following requirements:

Campaigns and operations are made more efficient, and publishing calendars are integrated.

provides processes for issue escalation and approval.

monitors metrics for a certain area, region, and company.

gives users access to information for comparing stores, top content, popular hashtags, and follower growth

You can with real timeClientguarantee that your customers are optimizing their online presence with the best platform and partner.

Bonus: Be Aware of These Two Market Changes

You probably already know that these two market changes are making it more challenging for your multi-location clients to provide outstanding CX if you work for an agency that assists clients with several locations:

Shift One: Unstructured data is expanding quickly; according to some experts, by 2025, 80% of the world's data will be unstructured. All of the disorganized chatter from social media posts, online reviews, conversations, blogs, videos, etc. that your customers all too frequently do not take advantage of. AI is essential to ensuring that you don't ignore the real customer voice.

Second shift: There is a low level of customer loyalty. In the previous year, 26% of customers discontinued using or purchasing from a company, according to a 2022 survey by PwC. Consumers actively seek out into brands with the best prices because they want the best and brightest products at the lowest possible price points. Customer involvement at scale and a streamlined customer experience are more crucial than ever.

The fact that consumers share EVERYTHING online furthers both changes.

GrowthImage by Chatmeter, August 2023 The Ultimate Guide To Using AI To Boost Client SEO

How can you quickly assist your consumers in improving:

Only sometimes managing listings?

Review response in response?

Lack of business intelligence connectivity?

Managing 10–10,000 locations requires inefficient human labor.

How can brands reposition themselves to keep up with a market that is constantly changing?

The solution: brand intelligence powered by AI and deep listening to client requirements, wants, and expectations.

Your clients will be in a good position to make better business decisions that result in higher revenue, enhanced operational efficiency, and a real advantage over their rivals if they are equipped with next-level consumer insights.

This ought to be possible for all of your clients with the appropriate reputation management software for resellers and agencies.

What Platforms for Reputation Management Should Agencies & Resellers Offer Clients?

It's not only about the quality of the platform for your customers when it comes to establishing trust with current and potential consumers; your reputation management platform also needs to be supported by a business that will be there for you in the long run.

Here are some things to think about from a business standpoint:

Brand-ability: A platform that allows for simple white-labeling, provides iframe and API access for customisation, and matches your brand's colors, logos, and layout with ease. It probably isn't a suitable fit if you can't customize these assets for your consumers.

Starting s thanks to a user-friendly and intuitive platform that doesn't demand a lot of customer assistance. You might want to look elsewhere if onboarding takes more than a day or two.

A multi-location rep management platform worth its salt should offer a high level of flexibility because no one size fits all. Regarding the products they intend to provide their clients, each agency or channel partner is unique.

Product and package customisation should be easy, regardless of whether you want an API-only solution that satisfies the demands of your SMB customers or you want to offer an end-to-end platform with all the bells and whistles.

A committed customer service manager is a necessity if you want the correct assistance when you need it. A platform with a high reputation will provide you with access to this tool to help you with pre-sales research, sales presentations, product demonstrations, and onboarding training.

You need to have faith in your ability to use the platform successfully. A steadfast ally is essential to ensuring that your brand is protected, that you receive regular updates on new items, and that you have access to extensive industry expertise.

Easy upsell: You need a versatile platform that offers your clients the best value for their money. Something that can easily be upsold to your clients by being combined with your current software stack offerings.

Agencies and resellers should collaborate with service and support teams that offer product training with dependable, approachable knowledge and marketing tools that will quickly bring you and your clients up to speed.

You're searching for the ideal partner—someone who is committed to the long term and who will grow with your company while offering cutting-edge goods and services that keep your labourwhite-labelling brands in the spotlight.

Your clients require a comprehensive solution that offers brand intelligence and effective reputation management and that:

provides the appropriate data at the appropriate time, enabling your clients to manage all of their locations coloursfrom a single dashboard.

offers automated workflows and notifications so that clients can easily manage all of their locations without having to add more staff.

enables effective review answers, social media posts, and scalable, in-the-moment data analysis by providing generative AI.

allows for multi-dimensional local intelligence for each retail location, simpleclient'sproactively, and region.

Resellers and agencies must have solutions and tools in their portfolio that match client demands and expectations while giving neighbourhood a significant advantage over the competition themto adapt successfully to rising competition, constantly shifting market conditions and technological advancements.

You'll be better equipped to satisfy the needs of your clients by having a deeper grasp of the reputation management and brand intelligence solutions available on the market, as well as the ideal reputation management partner and platform.

Find out more about how Chatmeter's exclusive Reputation Management x Brand Intelligence combination creates value and profits here.

What Chatmeter is

Chatmeter is a brand and reputation intelligence firm that uses AI-powered deep listening to reimagine customer connections. For multi-location brands, we make it simple to design in-the-moment consumer experiences that foster a passion for the brand, steadfast loyalty, and enduring influence.

In the retail, culinary, healthcare, financial services, and other industries, Chatmeter is redefining the art and science of the customer experience. Visit to learn more.

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